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Penghemat Listrik Masa Depan

How power saver works to reduce electricity consumption
The device uses a built-in voltage surge suppressor which can stabilize voltage, reduce electric
current and improve overall utilization efficiency. It will protect home appliance from voltage
surge so to increase their life duration.
Features of power saver
1.To stabilize voltage, reduce current, increase power factor and reduce power wastage so that
electricity is saved. Voltage surge suppressor is built in to adjust current wave shape to protect
electric appliance and thus to increase their service duration.
2.The power saver itself does not work on electricity so there is no extra electricity consumption
associated with the device.
3.Wide usage, applicable to electric appliances such as For Fluorescent Lamps, Gas Discharge
Lamps & Air-Conditioner, Refrigerator Freezer etc.
4.Applicable to a wide range of working conditions, such as house, office, restaurant, public
entertainment area, stores and small-sized factories. The wider variety of electric appliances are
connected, the better the power saving effect.
Technical indexes:
1 Working voltage: , 90-250V AC, 50- 60Hz
2 It can save 5-30% of power for non-pure resistor electric appliances
3) Best Load power: 22000W
4) Dimension: 85 x 85 x 25mm

Negara Asal: China
Harga: rp. 75.000 min min 1000 pcs
Cara Pembayaran: Transfer Bank (T/T)
Kemas & Pengiriman: box
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